This phenomena happens a total of 3 times. Let's call it The Rose Phenomena. You know, like rose-colored glasses? The beautiful thing about it is it truly is as good as it seems to be!

The first of the 3 times is when your clients arrive.

You get to see them at their best, albeit a little nervous. They are primped and dressed to impress. What more could you ask for?

I feel so lucky to be the photographer Kristen & Alex chose to capture not only their engagement session, but also their wedding.

To say I'm excited is an understatement. Watch this session unfold and you'll see why.

The next time The Rose Phenomena happens is when you are actually shooting. Your clients unwind a bit and you start to see not only their personalities, but how those personalities interact with each other. It can happen with all types of shoots, but you especially see the magic with an engagement session.

These two were no exception to that magic. Think of that couple that you know is absolutely meant to be together forever.

There you go. That's exactly what they are like.

Kristen pointed out this adorable little shed and once we walked over to the front, I knew it would be perfect! I love the rustic red look it has to it.

You'll also be aware of The Rose Phenomena because your clients are gushing over the images on the back of the camera.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous in Lake Tahoe this day. 40s, not too warm or cold. At least while the sun was up!

We started out our session at Camp Richardson, where we were greeted with an amazing blanket of untouched snow.

We never had to venture far for beautiful back drops. It was like everything was set right in place for us!

I seriously need to give some props to our groom-to-be here. Alex was one of the best guys I have ever had the privilege to photograph. There was never a stiff or awkward pose for him. He did a great job in cracking up our bride-to-be and giving me those natural smiles. He is a keeper and she certainly knows it.

After our play in the snow, Alex and Kristen jumped into the truck for some cuddling and warming up. There is nothing cozier than a truck bed filled with blankets and pillows.

What would December be without some ornament photos? I couldn't resist getting these Mickey and Minnie ornaments into some shots for our Disney lovers here. Fun fact: Alex proposed in Disneyland!

There was no better way to end this day than with a stop at Zephyr Cove at sunset.

Where was I with The Rose Phenomena? Oh yes, number 3.

The third time is when you get that camera home and go back over every single moment and fall in love all over again.

I get to experience it all over again at the wedding.

Until next time.