The Smith Family

I love Fall. The colors, the sights, the smells, and basically everything else it encompasses.

As the fall colors were beginning to show, some close friends joined me with their adorable son in Downtown Sacramento for some family photos. It was a warm November day, but that didn't stop us from having a good time and capturing some priceless moments!

Our first stop was at Capitol Park (after brunch, of course). This was my first photoshoot in the park and I have fallen in love with the location. The groves of trees and amazing colors it produces are a photographer's dream!

The little man was down for lots of playing and swinging! I would be too if I were 2 years old. Or even now, if it was possible for a full grown 5'10" adult to be swung around.

Such a sweet, young family! Our guy enjoyed giving mommy and daddy kisses so much. He certainly is a lover of family and fun.

This little guy cannot get enough of trains. So our next stop was none other than Old Sacramento along the tracks. I got to get this handsome man all to myself for a few while we played with Thomas. Because who else would you play with on the tracks?

There was even a train that matched their outfits! That family photo is a favorite of the whole shoot. The little guy also played a game of copycat with Mommy, which made for this darling shot.

I'm so grateful I have amazing looking friends who will come out and have fun with me for a day!

On a slightly unrelated note, it is Christmas! Well, in 8 minutes. Merry Christmas to all! Please stay safe and enjoy this time with those you love.