I think I started to love Autumn the most when I was a teenager. There's something about the season.

The sights, smells, the colder air, the coziness of getting bundled up because of said air. The holidays.

The rush.


There's not just something about it. Everything about it is amazing.

This family gifted me one of the most beautiful shoots I've done to date. The fall colors and the light were just right.

Serious Rose Phenomena on this one.

Doesn't this just melt your heart? This grandma and her great-grandkids were my favorite part of this shoot.

It's so clear these kids absolutely adore her.

And of course they do!

She was laughing with them, tickling them, and just having the time of her life with them. It was a cool sight to see and capture.

Have some more grandma love because, I mean, look at them.

I think Hagen Park will be my new go to for Fall shoots. We hit it right at the peak and I couldn't be happier

with the colors here!

This gorgeous lady below, Emily, I have known since I was the same age as that middle sibling there! We grew up together and it was so great getting to reconnect with her. Her and her family's sense of humor reminded me of exactly why we were basically best friends when we were little.

I love taking parents away from the familial chaos and seeing how they are with each other.

I knew I would get some incredible magic with these two!

But again. Those colors. Can you even? I can't.

And we're right back into the chaos, which is exactly what they and my camera needed.

Mom brought these amazing age signs to get some cute pictures with the kids.

I love how these shots turned out, but I knew I was losing them a little since we were at the end of the session.

How do you get the kids back? You let them do what they want and you roll with it.

Snap. Snap. Snap.

Even if that means signs on the butt.

I was losing it at the absolute adorableness of this.

How do you cap off a fall shoot? Why, a sunset of course!

Seeing this sunset makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Very necessary since we're experiencing a California winter now!

Thank you again to the Nielsens (and Co.) for a shoot I'm going to look back on with fondness for years to come.

Until next time.